Initial Press Release

Why I'm Running

I am running because the 72nd district needs representation that promotes public education, inclusiveness, and the opportunity for all Virginians to succeed and participate in our great Commonwealth.  As a public school teacher, I have seen firsthand that Henrico County believes in the values and ideals of public education and for too long Delegate Massie has been allowed to vote against those beliefs and interests.  While he advocates for vouchers and against easing Virginians’ student loan debt, I, along with the rest of the 72nd, will fight to better our schools and ensure that all Virginians can get an education without starting their adult life in unsustainable debt. 


This election is also about our inclusiveness as a society.  The Trump Administration, and Republicans in the General Assembly, promote policies and legislation that divide and alienate our citizens.  I will stand up for all Virginians to ensure that they have dignity and respect under the law.  Virginia, and America, prosper when all our citizens have the same rights and opportunities. 


I look forward to meeting the people of Henrico County as a candidate and not just as an educator.  This campaign is an opportunity to engage more of our citizens with the important issues that matter for Virginia.  It has been ten years since this district has had an honest chance to debate its representation in the House Delegates and it is high time that they have the opportunity to do so.